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The Perfect Business Opportunity

There’s no question that ionized alkaline water is the new gold, and statistics show that the bottled water industry has experienced steady growth over the recent years.

Sell without selling by giving away free water for people to sample, and let the product market itself.

Why Become an Independent Distributor?

The Gold Standard – Proven History

With a proven history of over 40+ years and the only water ionizer in the industry to be used in hundreds of hospitals in Japan, Kangen® Water is truly the Gold Standard in the market.

  • No signup fee
  • No quotas
  • No inventory
  • No annual renewal fee
  • No time limits
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Pays commission daily
  • 6 ways to earn income
  • Unlimited potential
  • The worldwide industry leader in the water ionizer industry
  • 3 & 5 year product warranty
  • Top quality marketing materials
  • Ability to give away free samples
  • Easy financing
  • Outstanding team support

Change Lives – Both Health and Wealth-Wise

If you’d like to experience the rewards of changing people’s lives in terms of health and financial ways, we’d like to welcome you to the team.

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