Video Demonstration

Watch the video to question and examine the quality of the water
we are drinking including:

  • The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of various types of water.
  • pH values of various types of water.
  • The level of acidity in common beverages.
  • How micro-clustering works.
  • The technology of the LeveLuk SD 501.

Learning Resources

Check out the valuable insights on water and why drinking alkaline water is important.

SD 501 Kangen Water Machine

LeveLuk SD 501

The LeveLuk SD 501 is the number one seller among the LeveLuk Kangen® Alkaline Water Ionizer Series.

LeveLuk Super 501 Kangen Water Machine

LeveLuk Super 501

The LeveLuk Super 501 is the perfect solution to your home or business.

LeveLuk JRII Kangen Water Machine

LeveLuk JR II

The JRII is suitable for usage by singles or couples, equipped with three solid electrode plates.